Why our clients LOVE us:

Clear Communication

When you call us, we will answer.  We also proactively keep you in the loop on all facets of the transaction so that you never feel "in the dark".  Buying and selling real estate can sometimes be stressful; clear communication prevents undue stress to make you feel at ease.

Over 10 Years Experience

Mike has been a real estate licensee in Arizona since 2006 and has helped many people successfully navigate the buying and selling process over the years.  Mike and his wife, Shannon, have been residents of central Phoenix for over 14 years.  Prior to that, Shannon grew up in the valley and went to high school and college in Arizona.  We love this state for its amazing weather and for hiking and biking its diverse landscapes.  (Mike only wishes there was more seafood to be had.)


Prior to obtaining his real estate license, Mike served in the U.S. Navy aboard two separate combatant ships which deployed overseas.  He loves working with other veterans to help them achieve their real estate dreams.

Accurate Pricing

We take great pride in accurately pricing our clients’ homes so that two things happen:  1)  they attain what their home is worth, and 2) their home sells quickly. Knowing the market and choosing a price that gets you the market value of your home alleviates the stress that goes along with having a home that just 'sits'. We're happy to provide you an estimate of your home's value at no cost.

Family Owned & Local Business

Our family's brokerage, Steady Compass Real Estate, is locally owned and has been serving the Valley since 2006. Erickson Realty Group, a preferred partner of ours, has an experienced property management arm that can help with any of your rental property needs. Visit www.EricksonRealtyGroup.com or call (480) 497-1090.

We Love Our Job!

Why do we love our job?  There's a tremendous customer service aspect to helping people buy and sell real estate.  When our clients finish their real estate transactions, we take no greater pleasure than in seeing the smiles on their faces after a great experience.  Our only goal is to make sure you're completely satisfied with the way the ENTIRE process was monitored and managed on your behalf.